The outside of the apartment building.

Bruce and Grace's Apartment was the apartment belonging to Bruce Nolan and Grace Connelly. It was number 304 in their building.

Living RoomEdit

In the living room were a sofa, two armchairs, a TV, a table, a computer, and a stereo, amongt other things, including 4 doors; one leading outside the apartment, one leading to the bedroom, one leading to the kitchen, and one leading to the balcony.


The balcony area was small, containing only some shrubbery.


The bedroom was located next to the living room. It contained a double bed, several wardrobes, and two mirrors. On the right side of the bed was a door leading to the bathroom.


The bathroom contained a sink underneath a mirror/cupboard, a shelf on which haircare products were stored, a shower, a toilet, a basket, a table, a towel rail, and a shower.


The kitchen was filled with lots of drawers and appliances. It had a large dining table with several chairs on it.

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