Evan Baxter evan the great


Evan Baxter


New York's Noah
Evan Backstabber
Evan Bastard




Buffalo, New York (Bruce Almighty)
Prestige Crest, Virginia (Evan Almighty)


Eugene Evan Baxter (Father)
Carol Anne Parker (Mother)
Joan Baxter (Wife)
Dylan Baxter (Son)
Jordan Baxter (Son)
Ryan Baxter (Son) newman baxter grandpa kid,s great grandpa


Bruce Almighty
Evan Almighty

Portrayed By

Steve Carell


June 15th 1962

Evan Baxter started out as a Buffalo news reporter (as seen in Bruce Almighty) he leaves his role in the Eyewitness news studio and is later elected to congress representing Buffalo, subsequently becoming a congressman, after which he then moves to the fictional Prestige Crest in Virginia (as seen in Evan Almighty).

Early LifeEdit

Very little is known about Evan's early life. It is known that at some point he married a woman named Joan, and the couple had three sons, DylanRyan and Jordan. Evan was eventually hired as a reporter for Eyewitness News.

Bruce AlmightyEdit

Eventually, Evan was chosen to replace the aging Pete Fineman as co-anchor for Eyewitness News, alongside Susan Ortega, much to the annoyance of his co-worker Bruce Nolan. During his first broadcast as anchor, Evan found himself unable to control his body, due to Bruce using his divine powers on him. Evan was subsequently fired from his post, and replaced by Bruce. However, several days later, Bruce resigned, and gave the role back to Evan.

Evan AlmightyEdit

Evan was later elected as Buffalo's representative of the United States Congress.