Phil Sidleman was a news reporter for Channel 5 news, the rival to Bruce Nolan's channel Channel 3. He was portrayed by Robert Curtis Brown.

Biography in Bruce AlmightyEdit

Phil was first seen in a park, where the police were testing Hank, their German-Shepard attack dog. After filming, he and his crew walked back to their van, where Bruce Nolan was waiting. Phil mocked Bruce on his mental breakdown accusing Channel 3.

However, Bruce, who had at the time possessed the powers of God, had created the body of Jimmy Hoffa hidden in the ground. When Hank went to dig it up, Phil's team tried to get their cameras, but Bruce had locked their doors, and reported this himself.

In retaliation for mocking him earlier, Bruce spawned 220 pounds of marijuana in the crew's van, and had Hank "discover" it. Phil and his team were arrested, despite Phil's pleas that he'd never seen it before.

After Bruce AlmightyEdit

It is unknown what happened to Phil during the events of Evan Almighty. It is possible that he was still in prison, but he may have been released during that timeline (and sacked by Channel 5).


  • He might be related to Bill Sidleman, the man who's car broke down in traffic.